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Taurus this month can expect love or a vivid romance. If you want to get pregnant, then September is a wonderful time to have a baby, start a creative project or open your own business. The lunar eclipse of September 16 may also mean the end of friendship or a breakdown in a relationship with a friend or girlfriend, or you can find a group of interests, both in real life and on the Internet. Jupiter will bring good luck in terms of new work, increase or increase in salary. It also improves health and adds daily energy. September 1 solar eclipse may will bring change in the family : such as the birth of a child, the wedding of a daughter, son or is it a move, a change of residence.

Sale and purchase of real estate is also possible. The second eclipse - September 16 will highlight changes in the profession, work and general direction in the career. Jupiter may be lucky to meet a loved one It can also be a meaningful meeting or very good news related to children, new hobbies or expanding your own business. For example, reading a book or giving a course of lectures, learning something. The end of the month is good for buying a car. In the middle of the month, a lunar eclipse in your 9th house of the meaning of life, this a good time for learning and spiritual practice.

For lions, eclipses will bring changes in financial affairs, incomes, possible changes in work. The lunar eclipse of September 16 also indicates financial matters, but related to other people or other institutions: repayment of a loan, completion of financial obligations, or execution of an inheritance or other matters related to other people's money. This may be a marriage, having a baby, moving to another country, another city or a completely new job. An important time for Dev is in the middle of the month. A lunar eclipse will highlight matters related to a partner.

This may be related to business partnerships, as well as husband or wife. For some Virgos, marriage is possible in September, the meeting of the future husband or wife. Jupiter, the planet of luck will bring you luck in finance. Perhaps you will find a new job or a new source of income or repay the debt, in any case, Virgo will be lucky in finances. For Libra, a solar eclipse of September 1 may bring immigration to another country. It may happen that someone from the past returns to your life, or vice versa, you get rid of your past, in any case, you will remember what was once with you.

September 16 - a lunar eclipse in your work house, a job change is possible, or something related to health, for example, a successful operation, since a lunar eclipse usually ends our problems. So recovery is possible. Jupiter, the planet of luck will bring you luck in any endeavors , because this planet is included in your sign. Also, for many, a marriage or a meeting of a future partner is possible.


If you are planning a divorce, then it will be very easy. September 1 solar eclipse at your 10th career house. If you want to change jobs and start your own business, it will be easy for you to implement this. The beginning of the month is a good time for ambitious work plans. And the eclipse will give you the opportunity to see the direction of activity. September 16th lunar eclipse. It will bring you news that will complete the stage related to real estate.

Perhaps an apartment is being sold that you have not been able to sell for so long and will finally breathe a sigh of relief. Solar Eclipse September 1st will bring you new friends, expansion of contacts or a new group of interests that will take your time and stay for a long time. The lunar eclipse of September 16th will bring you new love or a new creative hobby.

September is a good time for your own business. Jupiter, the planet of luck, changes sign and brings you luck in matters related to foreign countries. Perhaps you decide to visit the monastery, or engage in meditation. In September, you can see prophetic dreams and even feel the guardian angel next to you. For you, the solar eclipse of September 1 will open up new possibilities: travel, opportunities, trips abroad, studying at a university , many Capricorns starting from September 1 will begin to learn something new.

And someone may have legal obligations. And the lunar eclipse of September 16th - things will end with your sister, brother or news related to them. Cases dominated by contracts and communication will move to a new level. Perhaps you will open your site on the Internet, and many will recognize you.

Jupiter, the planet of luck will bring you success in the profession. A new job or promotion, an increase in salary is possible, there will be some achievement, of which you will be proud. For Aquarius a solar eclipse can bring an unexpected situation, this is something that is impossible to prepare for.

Detailed lunar manicure calendar for March 2018

And also, it can be connected with the inheritance, with big money and a new sexual intimate partner. And your life situation can change dramatically. The lunar eclipse of September 16th will make a change in the financial situation, perhaps you will finish paying the loan, or pay off the credit cards. This may promise the emergence of a new source of income. Jupiter, the planet of luck will bring you luck in matters related to legal issues or in matters and work related to abroad.

And also those who want to meet foreigners September is your time. For Pisces, a solar eclipse of September 1 may bring long-awaited marriage or a new stall. And for couples, changes in relationships are possible: either you will change your partner, or your relationship will come to the fore. It is possible to change the image, you will have a new hairstyle. Jupiter's planet of fortune will bring you good luck in terms of investment, other people's money.

If you want to take a loan - you will get it. In September, there is also the possibility of obtaining an inheritance for many fish.

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If you liked the horoscope from Australian astrologer Angela Pearl, register for a meeting in Kiev. See all the brightest and most interesting news on the main page of the female online resource tochka. It's no secret that the powers that be, famous people and the leaders of large companies often have a personal astrologer, and even his office is next to his own. All this is not without reason, because calculating the influence of the planets on a person will help not only make the right decisions in business, but also make fateful steps, and also help when buying real estate or even in personal life.

Kniha návštěv

Today, the worldwide network is teeming with recommendations from astrologers, gurus and other experts in the field of sciences that are not familiar in everyday life. And therefore, the influence of astrology on the fate of people for many years was distorted, mainly due to the appearance of a large number of incorrect horoscopes, as well as astrological video blogs, the forecasts in which often do not correspond to reality or promise the reader everything at once. After all, most often they write them, the cat does not have a special education and generally ideas about the influence of the planets on the fate of people.

Angela, hello, thank you for taking the time in your busy work for an interview. With such knowledge of astrology, success can be achieved in any business. Do you engage in other business sectors, and how do astrological knowledge help in this? Yes, my schedule is really busy, because only from subscribers I receive more than letters a day, which I try to pay attention to.


As for astrology, this is my life. And making important decisions, I always check the horoscope and choose good days. In addition to astrology, I have another passion - jewelry and especially pearls.

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Australia, where I live, is the country of the most beautiful and most expensive pearls in the world. Thanks to the knowledge of astrology, 10 years ago I opened a successful jewelry business, which still thrives.

best Zodiac Signs 26 images on Pinterest in

Now you are one of the most successful astrologers in terms of the number of subscribers to YouTube, more than 11 thousand worldwide. Tell me how it all began? Three eclipses in Capricorn solar on January 5 and December 25, lunar on July 16 make a potentially transformative year for your finances. But for now, Sag, stick to your budget and keep your eye on the prize!

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Horoscopes If you do not have a business, now is a time to think about starting one, unless you like things as they are.