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Between words like "sextile," "conjunction," and "quincunx," anyone would feel lost if they don't know what any of it means. With this book, you'll be able to learn more about how the planets affect each other as they make their way throughout the universe. This gorgeous book takes you through the entire narrative of astrology. Beginning at its ancient origins, you'll learn everything there is to know about astrology, while flipping through its colorful and ornate pages. The writing is clear and concise and the imagery delivers a vivid perspective of astrology that moves beyond words.

Along with some candles and some crystals, it's what every astrology lover needs at the center of their coffee table. When you first glimpse your birth chart, it probably looks more like a maze of angles and a cryptic code of hieroglyphics than anything you can understand. However, once you learn how to read a birth chart, astrology will start to become a second language to you.

The 10 Best Astrology Books for Zodiac Lovers

With this book, you can learn everything there is to know about how to read a birth chart yourself so that you don't need an astrologer to translate it for you. Astrology is so much more than the 12 zodiac signs and the planets in our solar system. In fact, your birth chart goes way further than that. The astrological houses explain the area of your life that each planet and each sign expresses itself. For example, your sun sign could be in the fourth house, meaning that family and home life are central to your character.

Your moon sign could also be in your 10th house, meaning that your emotions are irrevocably tied to your career. This book explains everything you need to know about the houses. Who can't resist looking up their crush's zodiac sign? I'll be honest, I've been asking my crushes "When is your birthday? There's something so helpful about using astrology to understand your compatibility with a love interest. Knowing how to overcome relationship challenges and decipher your partner's "strange" behavior is such a valid reason to learn more about astrology.

This book about cosmic compatibility is a great start. Have you ever felt like you don't completely click with your sun sign? For much of my life, I wondered why I'm so sensitive and emotionally attached when Geminis are supposed to be more focused on the head than the heart. Then, I realized that my moon is in Pisces, a teary-eyed and deeply romantic water sign. Because the moon rules over your internal world, it has the power to change your personality completely. Through this book, you'll learn about how your moon sign affects your sun sign, giving you a more accurate idea of the way astrology describes who you are.

It really gave me a better way of thinking about how to communicate with them and myself. I wasn't so in to the healing songs in the end of each chapter but the rest was fun and insightful. I'm glad I picked this u This is a book about how the position of the North Node in your birth chart effects your life lessons. I'm glad I picked this up. Jul 26, Deirdrie rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading this book.

In chapter form, you read what specifically pertains to you.

Bestselling Series

In this case you locate your sign and corresponding node north or south that your sign is in based upon the time you were born. You'll see yourself on these pages and it will let you know that astrology is a very real and current science! Jan 25, Jen rated it it was amazing. I'm reading from the printing so it's a bit shinier.. Hah, it helps me realize why adolescense was so challenging! Haha, whew.

8 Books About Astrology To Read If You Want To Learn More About Reading Your Own Birth Chart

It also has helped me see a glimpse as to why I chose the womb I did and when. The energies of the stars, or whatever you want to call it,.. Hah, pretty exciting, fascinating and interesting. She gives a nice indepth look at each node. Well worth the read.

Jun 08, Iroquois rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult-nonfiction , spiritual-growth , favorites , buy-it-own-it.

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Love this book, it's introduced me to a whole new aspect of astrology. Based on what house the north node is located at birth. It's simple to figure out with a chart at the front of book and then you just find your corresponding north node sign. The info is everything from past life attributes and things you're meant to focus on in this lifetime. So fun to do with my coworkers and friends! Sep 16, Leslie rated it really liked it. Amazing book! I find this information invaluable. As a Capricorn with little cappie traits I'm finding out so much more about my Taurus north node. Highly recommend.

Dec 21, Kay rated it really liked it. Great book on the nodes for just learning the possibilities of the north and south nodes. Always recommend that people understand the north node of people they are in relationship with so they can be encouraging to that person's growth potential. Jun 24, Bonnie Randall rated it it was ok Shelves: astrology.

Just didn't resonate for me at all I found each personality described in similar and negative ways. There didn't feel to be too terribly much distinguishable from one sign to another, so for me this one was a miss. Oct 25, Amanda Leon rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , read-in Really interesting and insightful! Totally recommend it! Check out my blog www. Feb 05, Alvina rated it it was amazing. A different perspective on Karmic Astrology.

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Dec 12, Melissa rated it it was amazing. This is a beautiful book thats speaks of the souls purpose. Nov 22, Jeanette Welch rated it it was amazing Shelves: astrology. This is one of the best books for understanding the North and South Nodes. Jul 01, Regina rated it it was amazing.

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This book was wonderful. I would have liked a bit more of information and history about the Nodes she focuses on, though, but this book is highly recommended.

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Mar 12, John rated it really liked it. As a reader personally interested in the subject, I have to say this book was surprisingly enlightening. It offered insight I never got from reading similar astrology works. Feb 19, Kirsten rated it it was amazing. Oct 21, Susan rated it it was amazing.